What is it?
Shockwave therapy utilizes a device that carries an acoustic wave to painful spots in the musculoskeletal tissues. It is used to treat muscle pain and increase circulation in the area being treated. Shockwave therapy also affects tissue tone positively, making your clinician’s other interventions more effective.

Is it for me and how does it work?
Whether it is simply a nuisance or has become debilitating, Shockwave is especially effective for chronic pain related to scar tissue and post-injury soft tissue or tendon/ligament adhesions. When scarring and adhesions are broken up, range of motion is improved, circulation to the area is increased for more efficient healing, and pain is reduced as pressure is taken off nerves.

Does it hurt?
Mild discomfort may be experienced during treatment, and some post-treatment soreness is to be expected. Most patients report some pain relief after the first treatment. However, the effects are most prominent after the second or third treatment.

How many treatments will I need, and at what cost?
Normally, 6 to 8 treatments are prescribed, but your clinician will be able to advise you based on your condition and response to treatment. For questions about Shockwave therapy, treatment costs or to make an appointment, please call 602-359-9125.