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Understand Your Symptoms


Your first few visits will consist of getting to the root cause of your pain. We are dedicated to fully understanding your symptoms and concerns, and helping you understand them as well. This is where your path of recovery begins, through symptom management and education.


Create a Treatment Plan


This is where we begin to restore your mobility, function, and movement patterns! We take all of the information from your first few sessions and create a highly individualized treatment plan that will consist of manual therapy treatments, therapeutic exercises, neuromuscular re-education, and any other modalities that may be needed.


Get You Back to the Activities You Love


Here’s the fun part! This is where we get you back to doing the things you love, through progressive exercises and strength building! Our main goal is for you to become the best version of yourself, and progress you back into performing all of your activities of daily living, work tasks, and recreational and athletic activities pain free!

Here at AZ Manual Physical Therapy we take the time to conduct a thorough consultation and evaluation. We test, we measure, we assess, we talk to you, and WE LISTEN. We take personal factors into account such as your past injury history, current habits, lifestyle, athletic and work goals to then develop a comprehensive rehabilitation and recovery program aimed at increasing your strength, mobility, function and quality of life.

If you’ve experienced physical therapy before, you’ll appreciate the AZ Manual Physical Therapy difference immediately. And if you haven’t, you’ll recognize that your treatment shouldn’t be approached any other way.

Schedule your Golf Assessment with AZ Manual Physical Therapy Today

Our Golf Performance Assessment commences with a comprehensive screening process, involving a review of your health history and a full body assessment (joint range of motion, stability, strength, and movement biomechanics) during your swing.