“Dr Ruffino has been treating me for almost 2 years for different issues. She helped me during times when I was at my physically lowest point, pain everywhere. She has helped me resolve my 26 year shoulder impingement, which I had tried to resolve with other PT professionals over the years. Dr Ruffino prepared me for my total hip replacement while I had a painful hip labral tear.

I also see her on a Wellness basis to develop a full workout program for my specific needs and abilities instead of going to a gym trainer.  I particularly appreciate that she watches my form while I do the exercises and offers a choice of exercises if I can’t do a certain one or just for variety.  I plan to continue seeing her on a wellness basis.”

— Christel P.

“I highly recommend AZ Manual Physical Therapy. I was going to another therapist after having hip surgery and had a horrible experience. Thankfully I was able to leave that facility and start working with Bre. My first visit she went over all my protocall to help me know what my limits are and get a plan set in place for my recovery. She has been so helpful in my recovery, helped push me to my limits, and held me accountable. Each session was one step closer to recovery. Bre is extremely experienced, knowledgeable, dedicated to her patients, and knows what she’s talking about. She helped make a precise plan that helped me progress quickly. I’m very grateful to work with her and receive the proper treatment.”

— Cayana R.

“Dr. Bre was amazing! I learned so much from her. She gave me new exercises to help in the recovery of my Total Knee Replacement. Dr. Bre takes the time to explain everything thoroughly and was a wonderful listener. I highly recommend her!”

— Diana M.